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IMBAVAGLIATI 2022 / English program


International festival of Civil Journalism

7th edition

16/19 May 2022

PAN | Palazzo delle Arti Napoli


Monday, May the 17th / from 5pm

(Di Stefano Room)

7th edition of the “Pimentel Fonseca Award” and inauguration of Imbavagliati  and the two exhibitions “Life in Syria” and “FUORITUTTO!”

The Syrian journalist and activist Wafa Ali Mustafa will be awarder with the Pimentel Fonseca Prize. The event will also be attended by the professional journalist, poet, photographer and writer Asmae Dachan, the deputy Paolo Siani, the Regional Councilor for Security, Legality and Immigration Mario Morcone, the Councilor for Urban Planning of the Municipality of Naples Laura Lieto, the President of the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies Massimiliano Marotta, the director of the Goethe-Institut of Naples Maria Carmen Morese and the President of the Scientific Committee of the “Pimentel Fonseca Prize”, former councilor for Culture, Nino Daniele.

Life in Syria for Imbavagliati” is a photographic project by the authors Mahmud Abdur-Rahman, Mohammad Amen Qurabi, Emad Najm Husso, Jalal Al-Mamo, Nour Kelze, Aref Tammawi, Mustafa Sarwt and the Life Makers Team.

FUORITUTTO!” is a concept created and directed by Désirée Klain, with the artistic intervention of Paolo Carullo and the editing by Matteo Antonelli.

Tuesday, May the 17th

10.30 am (Pan Room)

“In the name of peace”: the occupation of Russia in Ukraine.

With Oxana Chelysheva, Alexander Nevzorov, Maria Magarik and Olga Kurilenko. Moderates Ottavio Ragone (Repubblica Napoli). Illustrations by Riccardo Marassi.

11:30 am (Pan Room)

“Forgotten Wars” a focus on the eleven years of the revolution in Syria

With Asmae Dachan, Wafa Ali Mustafa, Waad-al-Kateab and Fouad Roueiha. Illustrations by Riccardo Marassi.

Wednesday, May the 18th

10.30 am (Pan room)

“Afghanistan without rights”: the Taliban, interpreters of their own Islam

With Najeeb Farzad, Farhad Bitani, Barbara Schiavulli and Tiziana Ciavardini. Illustration by Stefano Disegni.

11:30 (Pan room)

“Forgotten Wars”: the Nigeria of terrorism.

With Antonella Napoli, Jean Leonard Touadì, Robinson Ambrose, and Aminata Kida. Illustration by Stefano Disegni.

17:00 (Pan room)

“Racconti dal fondo” (Stories from the bottom): literature space

“Più forti della paura” (Stronger then fear) by Antonella Napoli. Introduced by Angelo Melone and Ilaria Urbani (Repubblica Napoli).

18:00 (Pan room)

Meeting dedicated to the issues of usury, racketeering and extortion in collaboration with the Polis Foundation of the Campania Region for innocent victims of crime and confiscated goods.

Thursday, May the 19th 

10:30 (Pan room)

“Do not discriminate the discriminates” 

with Fatou Diako, Mario Morcone, and Stefano Corradino. Illustrations by Fabio Magnasciutti.

11:30 (Pan room)

“Via Argine 310” – the trailer of the new documentary by Gianfranco Pannone that denounces the situation of the 300 unemployed workers from Whirpool factory.

With Gianfranco Pannone and Enzo D’Errico. Illustrations by Fabio Magnasciutti and Enrico Caria

12:30 (Pan room)

“Sons of a minor information”: focus on the difficult situation of journalists in Campania region.

With Giuseppe Giulietti, Claudio Silvestri Marilena Natale and Mimmo Rubio and Biagio Chiariello. Illustrations by Enrico Caria.

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